For me #nonviolence means #(self-)love <3

Selflove is like a new concept for me. I have been hating myself most of my life. It was kind of setting that I learned as a child in order to survive the contradictory powers around me. It in a way served me and protected me from the outside world for many years. It also resulted in suicidal thoughts, self-beating, low self-esteem, tinnitus and bad hearing.

Thanks to the guy called Silo (Mario Rodriguez Cobos), the Humanist Movement he started and their techniques of personal development I was able to step by step learn how to love myself. I was discovering lots of childhood traumas that lead to many horrible settings inside my psyche. I learned how to change that and become the person I really want to be. Not the person I was conditioned to be in my landscape of formation (6 to 18 years of age). I substituted this conditioning with my own purpose..

I went through a process called levelling, learned many techniques of personal growth and became a Master of Energetic Discipline. This process will be open again in the Park of Study and Reflection Pravíkov on 11th January 2020. During this process I connected with my purpose and let it steer my life and get deeper and deeper both into myself and my connection to the Profound.

Silo was greatly influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and his active nonviolence. I studied Gandhi’s philosophy during my university sturdies and wrote a thesis called Application of Gandhi’s Philosophy in Contemporary Czech Republic. I started to apply nonviolent lifestyle to all my daily chores and choices. Over the years I was able to became #raw vegan, practice #zero waste lifestyle,  build radically sustainable houses made of garbage called #Earthships, start community project in Prague called #Vila Flora, organise various talks and workshops focused on nonviolent alternatives, build experimental #aquaponic system in the kitchen of Vila Flora, set up #permaculture garden, grow #microgreens, create original recipes for raw vegan fruity sweets called #FruityDay, visit and connect with many communities and alternative projects in Greece, organize public #meditations once per week and now I am in a preparatory team of the first #eco village in the Czech Republic. #Nonviolence became my lifestyle and passion. Yet still there were some pieces missing in my self love tapestry.

Then three years ago I went through a deep crisis during which I had no other option than truly start loving myself. My self love was growing slowly and steadily. I started to meditate daily. I did the „Service“ ceremony from Silo’s message, asked myself who am I and where am I heading to? Did the last steps of Energetic Discipline and sent lots of energy and healing both to myself and the beloved people around me. This daily practice takes me 15-3o minutes every day. It helped me to establish the observer in my mind who helps me to recognise whether my feelings, thoughts and actions are in unity. It also helped me to get more connected to my intuition or inner voice as Gandhi calls it. This inner voice leads my life.

During the year 2019 I have done two important sessions of transference techniques during which I realised where my deepest fear comes from. It was there for 32 years because I feared for my life when I was 6 weeks old and my parents let me cry to sleep for the first time. This realisation started a deep healing process in my heart. My good friend Tereza gave me Anita Moorjani’s Dying to be me book, which resonated with all the cells of my body. Anita was the Master I was waiting for so long time! I admire Silo and Gandhi but their writing style is to man like. I needed something softer, some words of a woman. Anita was that woman. She brought about the missing piece of puzzle for my path of self-love.

Then after a painful break up I realised I have to take self-love unto yet another level. I focused on it daily. I felt how self-love spreads into all the cells of my body. I tried to remember to love myself as ofter as possible during the day. Results came fast. Now I am on an edge of a very interesting path. The house of Vila Flora is for sale for 1,5 millions of Euros. It either means that we have to close the project down, or buy the house and get to fulfil the greatest vision for self-sufficient and sustainable community household in the city. I got the chance to live together with my tribe in an eco village one hour south of Prague. We will need around 700 000 Eur to buy the land and several houses on it. It was amazing because we got the offer for the land from an amazing lady who owns it. It couldn’t be more perfect… and it happened exactly the same time like Vila Flora 6 years ago.

I would love to keep both the villa and start the eco village. But most of all I will keep loving myself and focus on healing my bad hearing. My (self-)love journey is in progress and I know I am on the right path to heal both myself but through active #nonviolence also heal the world at least around me but possibly at large.

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